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So... can you sell through a blog?

That's a big question and I've only got time for a little answer right now. Here it is: YES, if you're discrete, contextual and not too pushy about it. For example, see post below where I riff on my new Beginner's Guide to Blogging. I've inserted tracking links behind the phrases that say visit the WordBiz store to get your complimentary copy. (Yes, you have to purchase something to get it. But it can be a minimal purchase.) And those tell me two things. 1. How many click-throughs I'm getting. 2. How many of those clicks turn into purchases. I've got the same kind of tracking links inserted behind the products displayed on debbie's blog. Proverbial wisdom (if that' s possible in the nascent blogosphere) says you can't...

sell directly through a blog. That's like saying you can't offer a special promotion through your e-newsletter. Of course you can. But it has to hit the right buttons for your audience. And you have to have enough traffic or readers. More on this topic later... and yes it does intersect with thought leadership.


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Very neat. Are you having good success selling through the blog? Do you have a newsletter too?

I thing a newsletter is a good reminder for keeping uptodate with an interesting blog. We will be implemeting a newsletter for keeping steady traffic soon.

Jim Nudelman


Great question. In the past, I have always felt that the purpose of the blog is to give a teaser/promotion that will drive people to your website. The blog is a place to give valuable information or knowledge that will help the reader base and the website is where you give a call-to-action. However, you do an excellent job of selling your book on your blog and it is non-threatening.

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