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Blogs vs. wikis vs. IM vs. email vs. discussion forums vs. in-person

As far as I can tell, Canadian blogger Dave Pollard is brilliant, eccentric and unbelievably prolific. A literary and technology geek/genius, he writes a blog for Salon called How to Save the World with essays on topics ranging from "environmental philosophy" to, well, everything you can think of. His entries are sprinkled with complex charts and beautiful photographs.

Ran across a recent entry he made on "virtual collaboration" tools. He's created a great chart that compares blogs vs. wikis vs. email vs. mindmaps vs. videoconferencing & skype vs. whiteboards, etc. It includes comments on advantages and disadvantages of real-time (synchronous) vs. asynchronous, for example, as well as what each tool is best suited for (conversations vs. projects). But when all is said and done, in-person collaboration works best, he says.



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Jeremiah Owyang

Great find, I forwarded this to some friends in this space.

Regarding blogging limitations: "participation limited to comments" not sure if that's completley accurate as users could easily write a post on their own blog and link to the original post --the converation can spread to other blog posts, not just within comments.


Just bumped into this post while googling about the same topic.
As Dave says collaboration works best under most of the senarios,well, thats true but
When we are using wikis, blogs and forums another thing that we have to jeep in mind is 'Moderation',the issue become more important when we are using wikis.

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