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Corporate blogging platforms: 5 top contenders

If you're wondering what platform to use for your corporate blog, you might consider the following contenders.

iUpload took the top prize in Datamation's 2006 awards for corporate blogging platforms. Followed by WordPress 2.0, Marqui, Traction Software and Movable Type.

If you dig around on these sites, you'll find that pricing varies widely - from FREE for the open sourcee WordPress to an inexpensive license for Movable Type.

I don't know about the exact ranking but this is a solid list of apps to review. I'll add some names of other blogging platforms and services to this entry later. And if you want to make a suggestion, leave it in a comment below!

P.S. I noticed that McDonald's new Corporate Responsibility blog is running on iUpload.


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Telian Adlam

Drupal[1] and Mambo[2] (or Joomla[3]) have also been used to manage blogging needs as well as site updates.

(I should probably mention that these systems are geared more towards community portals/content management than single user updates.)

1 - http://www.drupal.org/
2 - http://www.mamboserver.com/
3 - http://www.joomla.org/

Michel Leblanc

I do not understand this ranking or how it was set. My reference for CMS or blogging software is cmsmatrix.org and iUpload or datamation do not even register there. It seems that Datamation is full of ___

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