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Rob Hyndman

Debbie, our event managers were MCC Planners, and they really were superb.


Randy Charles Morin

Debbie, the bankers didn't show up at mesh. Watch those same geeks when the bankers enter the room. It's a different story. Toronto's tech community makes so much money from the banks that Web 2.0, although glamorous, is a big pay cut.

David Jones

Debbie, my only regret from mesh was not getting the chance to introduce myself. I saw you and Judy (I'm on her e-mail list, whew!) a bunch of times, but lost track before I could weasel myself in to your conversations. I ran into Donna at registration on the first day and a few other times, but couldn't grab you all together.

You may not know this, but I used your 7 tips (with attribution of course) as part of my Blogging & PR session that was unfortunately running concurrent with your panel.

Hopefully, we'll meet if you ever make it back/are allowed into Canada again :)


Judy Gombita

Hey, Debbie! It's always great to see you in person and I'm delighted you finally made it up to TO to present and participate in one of our events and meet some of the local peeps.

You're right, the mesh conference was quite wonderful and a huge success by all accounts. Perhaps mesh was, in and of itself, the best demonstration of a successful Web 2.0 project. If you think about it, all of the information, marketing and registration was online/word-of-mouth...not a single piece of paper changed hands. I also thought the wiki page was a great addition, as the sense of community started even before the opening keynote. And those "meshies" (a.k.a. the organizers you mentioned) were "wicked," although I don't know where they all get their energy.

But I'm disappointed you didn't mention that you made it to a Tim Hortons and ordered a "steeped tea." That almost makes you an honourary Canadian, so I hope your next visit is soon.

All the best,

P.S. Gary King was the first person I met at mesh on Monday morning and I enjoyed chatting with him and getting some honest Gen Y feedback. He's quite something, isn't he!

Tris Hussey

No matter what Debbie ... you rock! Now, we've got to get you out to the West Coast!

Sulemaan Ahmed

I met Debbie at Mesh and she was quite gracious as I quoted some of her work when I wrote my thesis a few years ago. Yes her first post may appear uppity but she clarified. She could have easily just told everyone to go fish. And who hasn't put something in writing, be it blog or email and had the intent misinterpreted? She is as nice as they come.

Ed Kohler

The Mesh conference sounds pretty awesome. Everything I've read about it talks about how great the speakers and attendees were and how candid the discussions were. What more could you ask for?

Maybe the Tim Horton's donuts helped loosen people up?

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