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AdWeek on why corporate blogs haven't taken the world by storm

Adweek_logo Good article. Rounds up the usual reasons for why more CEOs aren't blogging:

- fear (perception of risk)
- time commitment
- nothing interesting to say
- don't know how to measure ROI

The writer, Catherine P. Taylor, opines that CEO blogs may be more useful internally (I agree - depending on the company and the CEO). And that "iconic" CEOs (Bill Marriott, Jonathan Schwartz, Bob Parsons, Mark Cuban) make better bloggers. Yup. Good point.


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Posted by Debbie Weil on March 19, 2007 in Corporate Blogging | Permalink


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We've built and now maintain five corporate blogs.

All they really need is for someone to do the tasks that they don't have time to learn to do.

Adweek, and others, need to realize there are other corporations out there besides the Fortune 3.

If a company only does $2.5 million per year, the guy at the top is still a CEO.

Debbie Weil


I agree with you. I still think the F500 will ultimately adopt blogs and more informal communications both internally and externally. But for now a lot of smaller, nimbler companies that are getting it right first.

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