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It always sounds better in French: Un bon blog repose sur une belle plume

Bon_blog Ah, the language of Proust and the madeleine. I told my son the story of the madeleine when he was a little boy (how a tiny taste of a madeleine cookie unleashed a surge of memories; in fact, Proust's very long book, À La Recherche du Temps Perdu).

He was fascinated and always insisted on ordering madeleines whenever he saw them - hoping to spark some memories, no doubt.

Congratulations Eliza and Minor!

Now my older daughter, Eliza, is getting married in two weeks. Congratulations Eliza and Minor! And she and her fiancé have madeleine biscuits on the dinner menu (paired with a tomato - lobster soup; it's delicious - I've tasted it).

All by way of saying that there's something magical (at least to me) about the French language. I went to school in France for a year when I was 14. And still speak fairly passable French. I've got a great accent but a schoolgirl's vocabulary.

Good blogging is good writing

I was tickled when I ran across the blog entry above in French, translating and enumerating seven blog writing tips from my little guide, "Top 7 Tips to Write an Effective Business Blog."

Chief among them: good blogging is good writing. Which translates, rather lyrically, to "A good blog derives from a beautiful pen - or writing."

Grab a free copy of my updated "Top 7 Tips to Write an Effective Business Blog"

I've just updated the guide and you can grab a copy free by clicking here.


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Thank you very much for the link. But you know, I spent about a year in the US as an intern 7 years ago, and I keep on loving your language, so conceptual (if it's understandable). That's pretty weird and funny because you seem to better appreciate the way it sounds in French, and, to me, I would say that I do prefer the way it sounds un english.

Debbie Weil


Apologies for not having included your name when linking to your blog. Enjoyed your comment.


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