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Are "Shared" Blogs and Social Media "Sites" the Wave of the Future?

Just noticed that soon-to-be-authors Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff have a snazzy new look on their shared blog: Groundswell. I'm wondering if "shared" blogs might not be what's coming in 2009 as more of the bloggerati blog less and Twitter more.

The trend is also to aggregate your social media efforts (Twitter, Facebook, blogging, etc.) so they're easier to find in one place -- or on one page. Charlene and Josh are now calling their blog "a broader site.'

My advance review copy of Charlene and Josh's book, Groundswell, arrived today in the mail. It looks terrific and I'll write more about it later.


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Posted by Debbie Weil on March 25, 2008 in CEO bloggers , Corporate Blogging , Senior exec bloggers , Social media | Permalink


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Josh Bernoff

Thanks for the post, Debbie.

Charlene and I have a collaborative relationship that's extremely collaborative, complementary, and unique. And tolerant.

I think that's why our blog works (and what made the book Groundswell work, too).

Shared blogs are a good idea but diversity of opinion can torpedo them if not handled well -- they lose their personality. Our blog's personality evolved out a long shared history -- that's hard to duplicate.

Sean Burke

Timely topic for me. I am working with my brother to help his company grow through traditional means as well as via the web. He pulled back from his Google Adwords investment of 30k/month and we are now considering creating a new Corporate Blogsite - part web/part blog - is there any examples in the book of a company that has done this successfully? His industry isn't sexy so content on a blog is something that concerns us.

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