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Why I'm Changing to Initial-Caps Titles for Blog Entries

I hope the Blogging Grammar & Style Police are not out sniffing around today. They might quibble over this change. After using a lowercase style for my blog titles for the past three and a half years (with an initial cap on the first word), I've decided to switch to what looks to be the more standard initial-caps style for every word.

I'm doing this primarily because I think it looks better - and more authoritative - in RSS readers. Below is a snapshot of some of the feeds I look at in Google Reader on a regular basis. They're all using initial caps, including CopyBlogger which is ranked #31 in Technorati's Top 100.


Except for Seth Godin. But then he's Seth and still uses the TypePad address for his blog http://sethgodin.typepad.com/. As his blog is currently ranked #18 on Technorati (out of 112 million blogs) I think he can pretty much march to his own beat.

Whew... got that news off my chest.


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Jay Francis Hunter

That's It Debbie, I'm No Longer Reading Your Blog. ;o)

Judy Gombita

I believe this is most commonly called "title case" style, whereby all words are capitalized except for internal closed-class words, or internal articles, prepositions and conjunctions.

Given a choice, it's the one I favour, too, so unlike Jay I won't quit reading your blog. ;-)

Bill Sheridan

I'm no Seth Godin, but I'll side with him on this one, Debbie. I worked for years on a newspaper copy desk, where the lowercase style of headline writing was beaten into my subconscious. You'll have to drag me to initial-caps kicking and screaming. :-)

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