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Why Corporates Should Write Like Bloggers

Words2 Seth Godin nails it in a recent post. Short answer: because good blog writing is more engaging and more persuasive than any press release or home page ridden with corporate-speak. I especially like these two tips: use headlines and don't say it all at once. Get the rest on his blog...

1. Use headlines. I use them all the time now. Not just boring ones that announce your purpose (like the one on this post) but interesting or puzzling or engaging headlines. Headlines are perfect for engaging busy readers.

2. Realize that people have choices. With 80 million other blogs to choose from, I know you could leave at any moment (see, there goes someone now). So that makes blog writing shorter and faster and more exciting.

3. Drip, drip, drip. Bloggers don't have to say everything at once. We can add a new idea every day, piling on a thesis over time...

- Seth Godin (April 7, 2008)


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Nona shivangi

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Chris Anderson

Blogs pour out of our souls, and every once in a while, it gets interesting. Actually, some are really good at it, without, of course, really trying. Although like most things in life, if you enjoy what you do, and you're good at it, the money may (or will) follow! Blog on!

Brandon Carlos

The most obvious one, from a business standpoint, is the ROI that a corporate blog offers.
Also, as a CEO, you are a naturally imposing figure. If your organizations goal is to connect with potential clients (and what company's isn't?), you could benefit greatly from connecting with these people on a personal level.

Vicki Flaugher

I just launched a blog
focused on the Emerging Woman
Entrepreneur (35-55 year old females
worldwide) and this type of advice is
very helpful. I want to do my best to
actually contribute to the community.

Thanks for the encouragement
as well as the informational
support. The rules of running
a business have definitely changed
and it's great to have a
resource that can keep
me up to date. It's nice to
see that even the "big guys"
are responding to the new

Together, we are stronger!

Vicki Flaugher, the original SmartWoman

Troy Bingham

just getting started with blogging, this is some good information.

Sydney Banners

Its really just down to the power of the people, if the bloggers have the people behind them they will have power.

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