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Have You Tried Searchme.com? Very Cool

Searchme_logo_2 A digital marketing strategist at a Global 100 company just put me onto a new search engine called Searchme.com (yes, these corporate types can be surprisingly plugged in!).

It' s still in beta, so go to http://beta.searchme.com/ and type in your name, company name, brand name, etc. You can choose "all" or ask for results based on advertising & marketing, radio, non-fiction and blogs. I assume they'll be adding more categories.

Up comes a visual "stack" of pages you can click through and mouse over. The results remind me of Apple's Time Machine. Cool, huh?!


And appropriately, the Searchme folks have created a demo video and put it up on YouTube. For those interested in the power of viral video, note that the video has been watched 63,588 times since it was posted to YouTube on March 9, 2008. Here it is:


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I appreciate hearing about this, looks nice with graphics but the amount of info one gets is limited - I know beta but if half or more is missing it is not very helpful.

Keep the tips coming and thanks

Troy Bingham

with this interface, it is not as important to be on the first page of a search engine but it is more important to have a good looking home page design.

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