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Kevin Holland

Nice piece, Debbie. That's one of the great things about blogs -- they're not just about "circumventing" traditional media, but can play a key strategic role in a broader PR strategy, especially as "old media" has become a lot more comfortable with using the blogosphere as a source for info/contacts/etc.


Congratulations Debbie. I'd also reccommend people have a notepad or voice recorder with them at all times. I didn't figure out what I genius I was until I started keeping a comprehensive record of the random ideas and half-thoughts that occur to me as I go about my daily to-do's. Chances are, if you encounter something that's interesting to you, someone else might appreciate it too.

Now I just need to follow my own advice and update my blog with the mounds of half-baked content I have slated for publication. Nice article Debbie. You go girl!

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