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Bob Bly

You won't believe this, but a couple of hours ago, a reporter from our local daily paper, the Bergen Record, called me up to interview me about blogs! (His editor had seen my e-zine.)

I like your answer. Maybe this blogging will not fit me. I don't need another outlet to publish -- I write columns for DM News, Writer's Digest, Subscription Marketing, Early to Rise, and soon will be for Digital Media Advisors ... and have half a dozen books under contract in various stages of progress ... plus my monthly e-zine. So maybe a blog is redundant?

No one can become too famous, so that benefit appeals ... whether a blog will do that for me remains to be seen.

The technology is daunting to a luddite like me. I can't figure out how to do a lot of things that you and others do on their blogs.

And as for reading, give me a book, newspaper, or magazine any day. Hard to relax on the coach and read a blog.

Check out the 2-page article in the Dec. 13, 2004 issue of Business Week about blogging, and the article in the same issue about marketing ROI. Predicts that much of this branding babble will vanish in favor of good old ROI-generating DM.

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