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Bill French


>>> the kind of person who is so busy doing actual work <<<

And this is precisely why RSS is being adopted so quickly - people don't have time to surf and determine (on their own) what's new. RSS is a time-manufacturing tool. It makes it possible to be aware of more information in less time and without spending human cycles to identify precisely what is new vs what has been read before.

A properly designed RSS integration with web content will produce feeds about pages that have changed or are new. Unfortunately there are lots of RSS feeds that are just rehashes of old (sometimes stale) content. These feeds are not as valuable as feeds that truly represent the delta between yesterday's content and todays. Like all content systems, RSS quality is just as important as HTML quality.

People that truly "get" RSS, see it as a productivity tool; a "machine" that works on their behalf to eliminate the need to visit sites to see *if* anything is new. Feeds that are of low quality will be passed over for feeds that deliver on this most fundamental benefit - knowledge about content that has changed.



I use feedburner on my blog as well. I listen to a little bit of your talk today at lunch. My friends are now asking me to help them set up a blog. It's great.

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You are right about employees being pushed harder and harder in down times and some employees are not handling the stress of that very well. Certainly, managers need to be aware of the stress level of their staff and make employees aware of company resources that help.

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