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Khalid Osman

I love this blog, better than to say I like it.

I like most the way you're putting the French words and the way you're "phrasing" and "modelling" in your blogging. It's clean, real and simple. Stands without assumption.

I love people when they K.I.S.S;-) (keep it stupid simple)

I'd learned French myself for three years a long time ago, but I've forgotten, oh, much of it in the long run "escaping the dictators".

Keep "healthy" blogging!

Yours sincerely in Peace,,,Love and Global Prosperity

Debbie Weil

Merci Khalid!


Actually, I think Seth has it in reverse. The Mona Lisa should claim that she;s the Debbie Weil of art.


And then there's "The Mona Lisa on the Web" ( ), the Mona Lisa of Mona Lisa sites. :)


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