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Ian Harkins have a good interview with an SVP of Sun Microsystems on this very issue. Her attitude is very refreshing and Sun's employees are clearly trusted to be responsible. So far they've had zero incidents, so trust appears to pay dividends.

David Waller

How do you effectively stifle your employees' tentative interest in the exciting potential of blogging?

Well, just write a dreary 3000+ word rule book and post it on your web site, without any graphics, in a full screen width, single column of dense text resembling the small print on a contract.

IBM may have it's blogging heart in the right place, but it evidently knows nothing about communication or basic web design.

rverse phone lookup

Words of wisdom. I didn't know that they had that many employees - that's a LOT.

Impotence causes

What person can say that communication is not important? absolutely nobody, I think that all new technologies that make reference to the communication is a major breakthrough. come a day when everyone will have access to the Internet and unimaginable signals.

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