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Mary Schmidt

When are these "guys" going to get it? Stop the "smash and grab" marketing and customer service avoidance, fellas. We "little people" TALK to each other (even if you won't talk to us.) I'm in the process of writing my next newspaper column - the title "Smash and Grab Marketing" Sadly, I've got wayyyy too many examples.


If you’re restless in your cubicle or your corner office, start dreaming about a new career as a… Chief Blogger. Or maybe you’d like to hire one for your company. The Wall Street Journal profiles Stonyfield Farms’ Chief Blogger Christine Halvorson in an article titled "Blogging becomes a corporate job" (May 31, 2005; subscription required). Halvorson, who says she earns a mid-$40,000s salary, writes four different blogs for the organically-minded yogurt maker. Another possibility: New Jersey-based marketing agency Digital Grit has an opening for a summer blogging intern.

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