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Interesting articles, thanks!

It's been my experience in coaching business execs on blogging that some are naturals and some are not. With an executive blog, it's the exec as much as the company that drives the blog's identity. That's important to know when you're choosing who the voice of your company is going to be.

Barry Welford

Debbie, that's a very interesting article. Thanks for any part you may have played in making it what it is.

It's the usual dilemma. In this modern world of communications how do you 'win' best or lose least. Keeping your head down and hoping no one notices... or being visible and possibly providing a lightning rod for controversy. I think the second beats out the first by a country mile. However some people are intensely private and want their organization to be the visible entity rather than themselves.

CF Perez

Bob Parsons, president at, I think would qualify also for your list of CEO's who blog.

Chris Hart


A word of advice: You have worked hard to get where you are. Go light on the self-promotion. People will see your name in articles and the like. Let others talk about you.

Debbie Weil

Thanks Chris. Good advice. Hard to know where to draw the line sometimes. Having been a reporter myself, it's intriguing to be on the other side of the fence. In this case (the USA Today article) I know for a fact that I gave the reporter many of the leads he used to track down the other sources for his story. Is it "self promotion" to talk about that? Who's to say... :)

Trevor Gay

Hi Debbi

I have just discovered your Blog - thanks for your enlightened view of things!!

I am in England and I just posted this comment on one of my 'home' sites - thought you might like to see it.

You can visit 'Rattle the Cage' at this link

Let me first of all say – as you well know –I am an avowed and passionate fan of Blogs.

As a former communications professional I believe Blogs are a wonderful and modern way of communicating and having meaningful conversations.

I suspect the reason there is such controversy is that Blogs are new and there is ‘luddite’ mentality about this radical new opportunity.

Whether CEO’s like Blogs or not doesn’t really matter. Blogs are NOT going away – just look at the phenomenal rise in numbers of Blogs! ONE NEW BLOG EVERY 7 SECONDS!!!!

My view is pragmatic and simple (of course!) on this.

Join the ‘Blogging world’ or bury your head in the sand – they will happen anyway.

I take the view that if used sensibly and professionally Blogs can be a revenue stream for businesses.

The reason CEO’s worry I guess is to do with legal issues and opening up their organisation to easier communication. Such a shame that we have to see honesty and openness as a threat don’t you think!

Why don’t they just say it as it really is and take it on the chin if things need to be said about their organisations?

The more open CEO’s will I am sure welcome Blogs and use them pro-actively.

The rest will continue to hide behind their legal departments and lose touch with customers who will go to those organisations that are open with them.

Phew!!! I feel so much better for that Saturday morning rant!!


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