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Zane Safrit

Wow! Congrats. That's fantastic. You'll do a great job. I hope you got a great advance.

My only thought for corporate blogs is ...just do it. Do, then analyze. Fire; then aim.


Mona Lisa "smiles." Way to go Debbie! Looking forward to following your thought process via your blog, and of course, reading the book!

hugh macleod

Rock on, Debbie.

btw, I've got new blogcard designs coming out ;-)

Donna Pfledderer

Congrats Debbie. Looking forward to reading it.

Paul Chaney

Debbie, Penquin could not have made a better choice than you to write a book on corporate blogging. I'm very proud for you and am honored to call you a friend.


Debbie -- Congrats! I'll put it on my Christmas list for next year.

You can count on us for a few case study sidebars if you like. We're seeing great results!

Octavio Isaac Rojas Orduña

All the best, Debbie!

By the way...
I am on my way to publish my first PR book!
And, yes, I have a website to promote it:

Sorry... right now it is only in Spanish but soon I will put offer English versions!
Hope I could close my own deal with Penguin!




Great Debbie! You ARE the Woman for the job! I'd like to see your book and it's associated marketing to reflect some of the Blogosphere's PERSONALITY.

Guillaume du Gardier

Congratulations Debbie, you're THE one to do it great ! All the best !

Brian Carroll

Congrats Debbie! I wish you well on this new project. I'm sure you'll do great!

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