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Tris Hussey

Of course! Oh wait, I already am for two companies. Qumana Software/Qumana Services

While Chief Blogging Officer is a tad prentitous a title (though I hold it for Qumana), I think a coporate blogger goes beyond just writing and posting. You have to build relationships with other bloggers and be tracking the blogosphere for your brand(s) to put out fires, answers questions, or just acknowledge commpliments and feedback.

It is a growing part of an Internet marketing/eBusiness role, IMHO.

Debbie Weil

Thanks Tris. Great to have some other examples.

Nicole Simon

Hm, being a chief blogger should pay better ;o))

No, seriously, a cbo would be much more than just a blogger, he or she would need to understand, what blogging is about, keep contacs, expand possibilties etc.

To do the writing - that is something you could give away, if you brief them correctly.

It will be interesting to see how the new technologies will evolve in corporate world. :)

Bob Julius Onggo

Ya that's an interesting and futuristic job that now are not available in Indonesia but hope it will be another job. And now I have written a book and now published that focuses on CBO.

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