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Bill Betts

I've been thinking since my return to the office that we had quite an impact on Monday. Questions from the audience indicated a wide range of Web and Blog understanding, but I think we raised awareness significantly. We instantly began working very well together...not bad for a group who had met each other for the first time only a few minutes before the panel began. Maybe we should think about taking our show on the road!

Kevin Holland

Debbie, I thought the panel went great -- good questions from all over the spectrum. Seems clear from the audience that a big part of the "fear factor" is really fear of lawyers. Part of that is a natural tension between communicators and legal staff, but made me think that there's probably a great need to educate corporate attorneys on blogging as well as communicators/marketers/senior execs. Thanks for the invite to participate on the panel and for putting it together!

Jeremy Pepper

Pepper - the name's Pepper. AAAAH, people think it's Popper because of the PR firm's name.

I think it went well, and it should be interesting to see what IABC does next.

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