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Paul Chaney

Thanks for this post Debbie. It's "all hands on deck" for us bloggers to do what we can to generate relief support. On behalf of my fellow Mississippians so hard hit by this storm, I say thank you.

Frank Weil

This is really a mind "blogging" event so much bigger in human terms even than 911 and with just as hard to get at source. About the only thing most people can do is send some money when the biggest need would seem to be shelter because it is not like a river flooding which recedes and most people can go right home. Perhaps people with 2nd homes within driving distance of the disasters might think about making them available?? That would need a clearing house system and some reasonable quality controls but might provide temporary homes for a lot of people??

Ex-Homeless Guy

Some good came of Katrina (inspirated to help the best I can): I have made a customized search engine that links only to crisis situation type websites (like relief aide, evacuation planning, crisis management, etc), see ... This niche portal was made after the Katrina devastation and hopefully it will assist humans in/during the next disaster....

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