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Dave Taylor

You're spot on, Debbie. And, frankly, it's fascinating to me how there's such an overt gap between "bloggers who make a buck" and "bloggers who eschew all revenue streams", when in fact they're just a tiny bit apart on the continuum. Seth's doing great stuff, but his ability to skip advertising is muchly related to his generating a solid income stream from related and associated works. Without the other facets, perhaps his weblog would be different and would, yes, include advertising or other ways he could monetize his efforts?

Patrick Kilhoffer

I don't doubt there are some people who blog just to get their ideas out there, but if you are making money from your blog, you have more freedom to spend your time working on your blog. And money is a great feedback mechanism. If you are making more money from your blog, you are probably getting better at it.

And yes, it's easier to turn down money from your blog if you have plenty coming in from other sources.

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