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Tris Hussey

Really interesting Debbie. Reminds me of the same arguements people had against having websites period. The "oh this takes so much time ..." It always turned out to take less time than people thought it would. Isn't that often the case?

My feeling is that if you have time to write a two paragraph e-mail you have the time for a blog post. If you're already reading e-mail newsletters and visiting industry websites, you have enough fodder. The corporate rules and such? Yeah, can't get away from those, but my experience has been that a little pre-meeting one-on-one time with key people makes a ton of difference in the final outcome. Funny that.

Regardless, my trackback doesn't seem to be pinging right so here's my post on your post:


My own conversations with People Who Have Not Yet Blogged (PWHNYBs) suggest that anxiety about writing - time investment, inspiration, who writes - rank high in why they are still PWHNYBs. So I'm tremendously interested in perspectives and ideas on this topic.

Dave Taylor

I agree with Tris, and will add that my advice to companies is always to spend just as much time adding comments to other people's blogs, even if it means that they're only producing 1-2 high quality blog articles on their own weblog each week. Joining the conversation is more important -- and easier, and less of a time commitment -- than producing your own original content anyway!

Paul Chaney

My "fear factor" has less to do with the items mentioned as a result of your survey and more to do with the risks involved in writing a book about business blogging.

I have an opportunity to submit a book proposal, which is very exciting of course. However, I'm concerned that by the time the thing goes to print (should my proposal be accepted) what I have to say may already be old hat, even obsolete.

Good luck on your book Debbie. I hope you have a crystal ball handy.

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