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Easton Ellsworth

Debbie, thanks for putting together a nice piece on the growing debate over CEO/boss blogs' usefulness and roles versus those of employee blogs. I just posted today about the potential for business owners to actually hire investigators to identify employees who post corporate gossip anonymously. It's an interesting future to ponder, for sure. Thanks for giving me more food for thought!


There will always be questions & concerns relating to privacy, and rightfully so. It goes back to the rejoiner "if you wouldn't want your mother to know about it, don't do/say it." Same with putting things on the internet.

With regards to CEO vs employee blogging, I sense an underlying notion of whichever is sustained is therefore more genuine & honest. Of course the two have nothing whatsoever to do with each other. I suspect that CEO - and employee - blogs will come & go as they serve a purpose to that individual, and as people see that such tools either do or don't provide a net-positive (as in cost-benefit analysis) benefit to them or their organization.

It will also become clear which blogs are marketing propaganda, which are personal reflection, etc. Many of the top blogs today - even by blog bloggers - are hybrid - that is they provide both personal insight & marketing for their products, company, etc.

A question that can only be answered through time deals with the effect of employee blogging on a business, and the employers policy toward that blogging. Of course employers can not hinder the first amendment, but they can pursue legal remedy when an employee crosses a line, whether defined by libel, or even insubordination. They can also shut off employee access to the external internet. Not so difficult in some cases: does my barber shop use email &/or need to provide access? What about my plumber, or Home Depot, or most of the stores at the mall, or the grocer, or even a lot of non-retail businesses for that matter? Of course many of them would do so at their own "business peril"...

Rules, regulations, laws, etc. are usually enacted to manage the exceptions - so it will be a matter of time and large-scale "2.0" web-tool integration before we find ot the answers to these sorts of questions.

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