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Jeremy Pepper

I think it's not surprisingly or shockingly that a few top bloggers (and blog consultants) have jumped in the fray, but sadly and insecurely. The Forbes story may not have been a balanced piece - but, really, neither were the pro-Blog stories thus far - but it had valid points that those so-called leaders should have responded to, and posted counter-arguments.

Alas, it's easier to attack than defend.

Rob Patey

I just finished reading the Forbes article and I shamefully say, "I agree".

I love blogging and the ideal that self-publishing represents. But, just like anywhere else on the Internet it is a crapshoot of credibility.

Just as a thousand monkeys typing into infinity will produce Shakspeare. Several million bloggers typing into infinity will produce fodder for Jerry Springer.

Yes, this will resonate through the CXO community and may even stilt the adoption of blogging in the business environment.

But no article no matter how powerful will quell the idea of self-publishing in the web.

Only legislation forcing accountability will derail the Wikiexpress.

Kip Meacham

Whichever side you come down on, as a marketing professional the significant thought to me is this entire buzz has occurred before the ‘Letters to the Editor’ section of Forbes has even been typeset.

This demonstrates the significance of subscription technology’s potential and power, and serves as a call to action for organizations to make use of the technology.

Gary Crabbe

I was just strating to take your site seriously - right up until I saw the big huge bold pink letters,
"Welcome to PORN VALLEY" in the ad just below the CEO Blog roll.

Thank MSNBC for bringing you the most visible element on your page, AND for making it a reference to PORN.

How cool is that???

Karsten Keinicke

“credibility” – the point is that blogging is a direct communication between two people in its essence. No blog is more credible than the person writing it. So, as anywhere else in life you will have to use your good sense of judgement and be critical about which information you trust and act upon. As it is said, blogging is just another media and we must learn how to use it and how to asses the value and credibility of the information offered by it. Take it for what it is!

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