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Lee Odden

Perhaps the title could be slightly different, but it's only part of the post. There's also this comment:

"The New York Times reports on efforts by Wal-Mart and its PR firm, Edelman to influence public opinion by providing information to bloggers. Nothing wrong with that, but apparently a number of the bloggers picking up on the information are posting it word for word and not citing the source."

The post addresses the bloggers' lack of citation to the source, not the blogger outreach from Edelman/Wal-Mart.

Debbie Weil


Thanks for the clarification. Didn't mean to "bash" your post.

Bob Beller

Thanks for the link, I appreciate it. And I agree, the back story, and now media attention (for me) has been more fun, and informative than the actual Times story was.

I'm going to end up with two more articles on this sometime over the weekend. The first is going to be how far around the PR/Media Relations world I've been able to track the story.

The second is about the reason a number of us blog about Wal-Mart, and it's not Edelman's tips. It has to do with who else blogs about them.

Thanks again for the link and the traffic.

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