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James Kim

a million minus $180 is still a million to me.

nice meeting you at NewComm!


Zoli Erdos

Somewhat understated on the investment side - perhaps Charlene's time is worth something, likely more than the TypePad fees :-) Still an impressive return though ..

Jason Stamper

Hi Debbie. I enjoyed your discussion: indeed I have had a go at putting some metrics on the ROI of a corporate blog and coming up with an equation that says whether a blog is worthwhile from an ROI standpoint. Love to hear what your readers think about the logic - you can find the equation and a discussion here:


This just goes to show the power of blogs in creating business, rather than simply expressing brand.

Bottom line: It's not about the "blog," it's about the communication. Kudos to Ms. Li!

Helen Wang

I agree Charlene Li came across very warm and genuine in business meetings, and she has a heart :-).


It looks great and the comments still say the same

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