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Steve Mertz

Debbie, that is a great video! Good luck on your video and working with your coach. Not fun-but the results will be worth the effort!

Dennis Smith

Funny video, thanks for passing it on.

But I must say, if I had a choice of the lady on the left (car salesman? C'mon!) or the big, bald guy, you get the vote. And I'm pretty sure there's almost 18k other folks out here that would agree ;)

Ordering your book today - keep 'em coming.

By the way, did I tell you I just got a job with Bill Gates? :)


John Bickerton

Hi Debbie,

Do you know if Steve Crescenzo licensed the music from Rocky to use in this promotional video? If not, he could face some serious copyright-infringement consequences. Including another party's copyrighted material in a production of your own is illegal unless you first optain permission (usually in the form of a paid license from the work's publisher). In that this is a promotional video for a conference, I believe it would be ruled that this was not a simple home video but a commercial endeavor which required permission from the music's publisher and record company to use this music as soundtrack.

I think the point should be made that getting into podcasting or videocasting, really any kind of "broadcasting", isn't as easy as just setting up a microphone and a video camera, there are legal implications regarding the use of content - the use of copyrighted material being one of them.

John Bickerton
Creative Director

Bert Webb


My comment is not so much about the video as it is your speaking coach. I, too, find that a coach can yield great improvement in any area of study, especially if you find one who is exemplary. Good luck in your quest for improvement in that area.

By the way, your post on this caused me to do one specifically about coaching and its various forms over at my blog, Open Loops.


paul shepperd

Hi Debbie
An interesting Blog indeed.
I agree with your sentiments about how people should be using Video(but don't forget about using an audio only clip as well)on their Blogs. I think that a lot of times people don't is because it is hard to do(unless you are really an expert in the field or have special tools to enable it) But I know that once you actually do include Video and audio on your Blogs or websites like I do, you will never be the same again.
If you do go down this road, be aware that the file size needs to be quite small (as people get sick of waiting for downloads)And the vision quality needs to be good (as people will turn off a bad quality video)
Anyway, I just love the new technology uses like this, and if you start to use it then you will too.
Just make sure that you have an understanding partner who will put up with the hours of you "playing" with the Videos and audios on your Blogs.
Best wishes
Paul Shepperd
Technical Director

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