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Superb Momentum

I completely agree. I have been questioning the accuracy of my articles lately. Ultimately, I decided to delete some of my articles and two of my blogs.

So I thought to myself, if I am evaluating my own blogging abilities, I wonder what others think of blogging. This led to an idea to create a blog highlighting articles that criticize blogging.

Needless to say I found a lot of articles, from blogs like Nicholas Carr to mainstream media like the Wall Street Journal; it is fascinating how many negative opinions there are about blogging.

With that being said, I often hear respectable journalists making ludicrous (but smart-sounding) statements about the downside of blogging. My answer to them is: Blogging is NOT just like journalism!

No matter how imperfect or not a “perfectly” accurate article, what is needed here are fresh thoughts (and blogs allow that), regardless if they lack the grammatically perfect and ethical attributes of mass media. Although the creative mind can be a bit unruly, I believe that most bloggers go to great extents to self- regulate their blogs.

PS: Feel free to edit my post.

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