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johnmoore (from Brand Autopsy)

A clever mistake! I meant to link to my blog not to a PDF link stashed deep in the bowels of my blog. But as we know, mistakes can lead to discoveries.

Trey Reeme


Instead of a PDF (which causes immense frustration when clicking on a PDF link that you don't realize is a PDF and having your browser go into a fit trying to open it), why not encourage linking to a custom landing page of your website. I'll roughly demonstrate in my comment.


Debbie Weil

Generally I agree that it's better to lead people to an "interim" page rather than directly to a PDF file. But John's approach (which he says above was a goof - !) didn't bother me as it's just a one-pager and was quick to download.


I wouldn't link to a PDF either. First: believe it or not - not everyone has the Adobe Reader installed.
Second: on some computers it takes very long to open the Adobe Reader or the browser crashes.
I can't see a real advantage of linking to a PDF over linking to a website. What information can be displayed on a PDF which can not be displayed on a webpage?

Sorry, I can't see what is so clever about this approach and it was a mistake anyway.

OK, there is one point to it: the approach is different. But hey, different does not necessarily mean better (see the disadvantages mentioned above.

Don't get me wrong: I like PDFs because in some occations there they are really handy, but I would prefer to be informed that the information is a PDF document.



I wouldn't recommend linking to a PDF for several reasons, many of which have already been brought up.

If I click on your name, to see if you've got anything else good to read, besides the comment I obviousy read and it takes me to a PDF and I haven't chosen to go this far on our first date, I'm gonna dump you for being a little too forward.

Debbie Weil

Don't you love it when an off-the-cuff blog entry spawns lots of comments? Eegads, guys. You all make good points.

There's something else at work here. Because John Moore's Brand Autopsy blog is pretty well known, I wasn't irritated by his PDF link. Instead I was intrigued to see what the PDF would be.

If it had been from someone unknown -- and if the PDF were an annoyingly large file, or were annoyingly salesy -- I would have been put off.

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