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johnmoore (from Brand Autopsy)

Nice application of Evolutionist/Creationist WOM thinking to corporate blogging. Good stuff Debbie.

Jim B


Having attended this session, I was concerned about Marc's idea about corporate blogging. He proposes that posting be done at least daily and the CEO doesn't have time for this committment. I guess he either wasn't paying attention to the speakers on Tuesday who hammered home the idea that a blog has to be authentic and is most powerful if the CEO or another appropriate member of the company is posting using his or her own voice.

The only way his point makes sense is when you look at his case studies, a blog about Starwood Hotels, or the City of Chicago. Neither of these need an authentic voice and you can get away with a more general voice created by an outsider. Hopefully, the majority of corporations won't abrogate the task to outsiders. If they do, what's the point? I want to read what someone thinks; not what someone spins!

I was happy to hear you disagree with him during the session, someone had to.

Jim Estill

Interesting concepts Creationist vs Evolutionist. I suspect it is not black and white. A good creationist cannot do well long term with WOM without product that is naturally attractive as an evolutionist product.


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VP of Marketing

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