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Amanda Chapel

Considering that you created your site 13-nov-2004, almost a year and a half before we launched Strumpette, I’d hope you’ve accumulated more links.

Also remember, we trying to challenge the very people you are trying to placate.

Last, I have more traffic than you so blow me.

Love and kisses,

- Amanda

Debbie Weil

Oooh... too cool that Amanda is reading my blog!

BTW, how do you know I'm trying to "placate" the corporate types? I'm not really. I'm just taking a different approach. I figure they'll listen if I sound all grown up and logical and less threatening.

Amanda Chapel

"Placate” might be a little strong. Appease? I think that there is a risk/fear factor for CEO with blogging. Rightfully so. For you to make a sale, you need to overcome that. I would think “adult sounding and logic” would fall short if the base facts aren’t there to support the premise.

Placate might be the wrong word in your case specifically. I, of course, employ derivative methods . :)

- Amanda

Shel Holtz

Debbie, you may want to take a look at this PDF file from Mary Hodder:

It explains how the various blog search engines work. Technorati (for whom Mary once worked) only maintains inbound links as part of the count as long as they remain on the blog's home page. That's skewed a bit because blogrolls are often on the home page and don't change much, but by and large, the inbound link count is not affected by the longevity of the blog (beyond the fact that a blog that's been around longer may have a higher awareness than a newer one). But old links that have scrolled off the home page of the blog aren't part of the count.

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