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Brian Brown

How is this viral marketing? These are the same things that happen at every game.

If you send an email to a group of people telling them to do something they're already going to do, I don't see how you can claim a viral marketing success when they do it.

Amie Gillingham

Drawing on my experience as a lifelong Steeler fan (here in Pittsburgh, babies are born with a Terrible Towel in hand), this is about a really unique shared experience. There is passion. Shared purpose. And when the team scores, the fans feel as if *they* personally accomplished something. The truly fanatic fan feels that their actions, their clothing, their rituals can affect the outcome of the game.

While I doubt that most customers out there have superstitions and rituals that revolve around the services they use, I do think the above translates to engaging a whole community, passing that fanaticism (think brand loyalty, or even political or religious beliefs) down across the generations, giving them something to cheer about, and helping people feel that they are actively part of something amazing happening.

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