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I didn't see any response from them on the Wal-mart/Consumerist blow-up either. Strange for a company that seems to "embrace" blogging in the public eye.


Debbie - thanks for including Diva Marketing in your resources. In rethinking .. this is a consultant - client relationship. Who has the ultimate responsibilty for the execution of a strategy? No matter the advise. Is it the consultant - Edelman in this care or the client -Wal-Mart? Or both?

Robert Rosenthal

Is it the size of the mistakes or the size of the players driving the interest in this story?

One thing I've noticed: When companies do something interesting, they become a more interesting target.

Go figure.

I've added a post to my blog on this topic. Just click my name if you're interested.

David Meerman Scott

Excellent analysis, Debbie. It will be interesting to see how this one continues to play out.


I’m doing research for a graduate class at TCU. The study focuses on women, public relations and blogging. Because this is a popular blog kept by a woman, we chose to post questions here. Each week we will be posting a new question and would greatly appreciate responses from readers.

“What are the benefits/advantages of using blogging as a PR tool?”


I am sorry for posting my question twice. I have a bunch of browsers open and accidentally re-posted the comment on your blog. Please disregard the second comment as it is the same thing as the first.
Thank you.

Richard Edelman

Debbie, your criticism of our work in this case is warranted. As to timing of our response, we chose to comment only when our review of the facts was complete. We are determined to do better in the future.


Due to the responses from those who would rather not have their blogs play host to my research project and after discussing this with my research project advisor and my research partner, we have chosen to alter the course of the chosen methodology and proceed with short interviews. I would love the opportunity to speak with you about my topic, if you have the time and are willing to participate. Because we so recently changed methodologies, I need to further discuss with my partner the questions we are going to use in the project. If you don't mind, I will contact you this week when all of these little kinks have been smoothed out.

Thanks again and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Kuba Tatarkiewicz

I am sorry, but I was probably the first person to use the word "flog" already in 2003, see in my weekly column for the Polish edition of ComputerWorld - the meaning was positive, it was a mixture of "felieton" (Polish for "column") and "blog". Now for the last year my blog is being published as a flog.

I guess I will have to change its name...


Kuba Tatarkiewicz

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