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Paul Chaney

Debbie and I go way back...well, in terms of blogging years. We remember when blogs were just making their entrance into the business spectrum and were being looked at with great speculation in terms of their usefulness and relevance as a business tool. Those were the good old days, and they are past!

I agree 110% with Debbie's surmise...Web 2.0 tech tools like blogs are here to stay and are a MUST for anyone serious about marketing in today's consumer-generated media, grassroots journalism environment.

Indeed, blogs have reached both the inflection point and, to borrow from Malcolm Gladwell, the tipping point. No longer is blogging limited to use by early adopters, it has reached the mainstream.

Just as having a website is a business prerequisite (and who would argue that point), so are blogs, podcasts, and video. It's how marketing and business communications is done these days...these "good new" days!

Jim Turner

Excellent article Debbie. I agree blogs are here to stay!

No if I could only get my kids to reach the inflection point of their infection point.

Neil Sagebiel

As I'm reading this blog post -- and commenting -- NPR is reporting on Google's acquisition of YouTube.

Yes, blogging, podcasts, video, etc. are here to stay.

If you're a Boomer or older, you may still be in a fog about this. But if you're a Gen Xer (25 to 42) or a Millenial (born after 1980), online is your preferred medium -- you grew up with it. You're not surprised.

As the expert source for the NPR story just said on that ancient medium, the radio, "We live in a different world now."

Concentric Elements

Debbie has been driving me with inspiration as I am beginning to build me business.

What I find most interesting about this post and others I have been reading is that the blogshpere is prime for small business to use as a means for attracting new customers, maintaining existing customers and positioning themselves as the experts in their local markets for the products and services they offer.

When I say, "small business," I do mean the small business owner with less than 30 employees with a brick and mortar storefront that need an online presence of some form.

Thanks for keeping the inspiration alive Debbie.

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