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Eric Kintzq

Great point, Debbie, sounds like a glaring gap now that you mention it. As offered on my blog, if you want to write something, I will include it as a follow up post.

David Armano

Debbie, if it makes you feel better, I have multiple personalities...


BTW, It's Eric Kintz not Kuntz. Though Kuntz does sound kind of cool.

Seriously, thanks for reading. I suspect Eric didn't give it a second thought when he put the idea together. None of us did. But a good idea for the next time around...

Desiree Scales

Yes, his group is mostly male, but look at your CEO blog list on the right-hand side. I see only 3 women there out of about 57 blogs. Where are all the women out in business blog-land? If we're supposed to be better at English and writing than our male counterparts, we sure aren't showing our numbers. I can't wait for the day when your list is at least 50/50 male to female or more. Let's hope all of us can inspire more women business-owners to share their knowledge with others.

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