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Chris Clark

Hi Debbie,

With rare exceptions, usually in publishing and related, British Corporate CEOs view blogs as incomprehensible as a foreign language.

I'm developing ideas for a keynote speech on the subject, and to be honest, finding a choice of words that connects blogs to businesspeople to ROI is not proving easy. In fact, I think there's mileage in not calling a blog a blog, but creating a keynote speech about the new ways to connect with and appeal to customers without mentioning the word. Now we have Web 2.0 coming down on top of us!

Anyone else having this language trouble with CEOs in the UK?

Bloggers Home Page

We would be honoured to have your blog on Bloggers home Page. We always need more Brit-Bloggers so you would be especially welcome.

Mark White

And it's not just CEO blogs that are taking their time to appear, any sort of blog within the FTSE 250 is still a rarity at the moment from what I have found.

However, there is a growing groundswell of use in the SME area as well as in the political arena which indicates that we might be seeing the same sort of development path as the US experienced a few years ago.

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