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Have you figured out how to get Google Alerts into an RSS feed? I use them and would like them in a feed but I can figure out how to get them only via email.

Debbie Weil


Once you've set up a keyword search in Google News Alert - for example, on the term "business blogging" - click on the "business blogging" link. Look on the left-hand side of the results page. You'll see RSS as a little text link. Right-click on that to copy the RSS feed into your newsreader.


I am one of those "astonished" bloggers after reading the comment you left on my blog today. And guess what? Now I'm using this little RSS trick to keep tabs on myself in the blogosphere. Thanks for sharing your wealth of information via hardback and online. Great stuff!

Susan Weiner

Thanks, Debbie!
I'm going to try this now.

Mike Sansone

Great suggestions, Debbie. Taking it one step further, do these searches on clients, competition and other phrases important to your business.

Search Once and Subscribe.

Paul Chaney

Yes, we authors have to stay in touch with what our fans are saying about us, don't we? :-)

Seriously, RSSing yourself is a great idea. Maybe a bit narcissistic, but useful nonetheless.

Rich Truman


First up, please excuse my ignorance - I'm jut starting to get up to speed with blogging and other social media.

Your book / blog have been interesting me of late, but I still feel that there is one key thing missing from much of the blog / social media debate.

These are very much 'pull' media, so how does one blog become well-read? And if blogs are so popular, just how many people are looking at the best-read ones? The reason I ask this is that I've noticed that Bob Lutz's blog posts generally get less than 30 comments, which seems pretty poor for a top guy in one of the world's largest (and socially and politically interesting) organisations.

Your thoughts would be appreciated,

Rich Truman

Debbie Weil


30 comments on any given post is actually a huge number. I'm delighted if I get 2 or 3. As for how to get your blog noticed, there are different schools of thought on this. I subscribe to the "organic" school. Leave comments on other well-read or influential blogs with a link back to your own blog. Exchange emails with an inflential blogger, complimenting him/her on her clever entries. (Flattery gets you almost everywhere.) Write really useful blog entries: Top 10 lists, etc. Others will link to you; your readership will grow. Those are just a few quick ideas. Thanks for leaving a comment and Happy New Year!

Brad Mills

Thanks a lot for these great tips! I'm an absolute novice when it comes to blogging, and this tip is great! Thank you so much!

Tara Kachaturoff

Debbie, I set up some personal RSS feeds as soon as I read your blog. They are fantastic for tracking press releases for my television program. So convenient. Thank you for the valuable tip.

Dawud Miracle

I'm with Mike Sansone. Take this a step further and use RSS to track as much important information about your business and your competition as you can.


Comments are only one way to measure a blogs effectiveness and popularity. Feed subscriptions, traffic, backlinks, trackbacks, search ranking - all these, and more, provide metrics for your blog's success.

I've found that it's best to be clear in why your blogging and select a couple of metrics for measuring your progress. And one key is to know your readers and what they want to hear about.

I've got posts that have 30+ comments and I have posts that have 2 comments. If you look at my blog, you'll see a pattern to what type of content encourages comments from my readers.

So figure out what's important for you to be doing with your blog and then work to build that.

David Armstrong

Hi guys..first time post here. I found it via a persistent search. haha. My company makes this concept even better...we do search RSS Sorry for the "self-promo"..but I think you'd be interested...enjoy. Do a search on bouncebase..then export. Or if you don't already have a simple newsreader..try bouncebase. thx..David

oh..we have a google gadget too...just search the igoogle directory for bouncebase.

Unsung Zero

We, too, are trying to utilize the powerful new world of blogging to drive more business. I am personally fairly ignorant, and that's why I appreciated your article so much. RSS may be the missing piece to the puzzle that I am currently trying to put together.

Larry Johnson

Service based on RSS technologies. You can generate tons of RSS feeds from the list of your keywords out from more then 50 Internet sources including Google, Yahoo!, MSN, YouTube and others.

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