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Lynne Gehling

I love Bloglines. I check it out right after I look at my email. I love that I can see what's new, preview stuff and then quickly decide if I have time to read the whole post. I have been advising my business clients to set up a Blogline account. Then they can check out what blogs are all about and see if blogging would be right for them.


That's a few subscribers.

Erin Blaskie

As an avid reader of blogs, I signed up for NewsGator Online because I really liked the look and feel of their site. I love that you can sort the blogs by category and be able to mark them as read when you have finished reading through the posts. It definitely makes managing the 100+ blogs I read a bit easier.

Mordechai (Morty) Schiller

Debbie--I already subscribe with Live Bookmark in Firefox and with Bloglines. But for most people, FeedBlitz is still easier. I've called it RSS for Dummies:

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