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Hi Debbie,

What a great blog!

The World Economic Forum has placed a link to your blog on its site - check it out here:

It would be great if you could crosslink back to

We look forward to continue enlarging the Davos conversation with you!



The World Economic Forum ignored the most critical threat to the global economy. The U.S. Economy is the main driver of world financial markets. It is slowing down and facing major risks.

With the the fall of the stock markets on n Feb 27, the world felt the first signs of trouble.
International Institute of Management (IIM) released a new report warning about the U.S. economic risks.
The report:
1. Uncovers the forces behind Feb 27th stock market meltdown and the Chinese reaction to the outlook of U.S. Economy.
2. Forecasts the future behavior of U.S. and global markets.

Med Yones, the author of the white paper, warns against costly policy mistakes and provides a detailed analysis of the economic, social and geopolitical risks facing the United States

The complete text of the report is available at:

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