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Jacquelyn Lynn

I guess JetBlue gets half a point for making the call. But “they’ll call you if they’re interested” – what a typically rude corporate brush-off! Couldn’t “Carol” at least have said “thank you for sending us your book”?

Jacquelyn Lynn

Debbie Weil


Technically I think she did say "thank you." I was surprised by JetBlue's efficiency. They're probably receiving hundreds of letters, FedExes, etc. So a phone call less than 24 hours after I sent the book was a pleasant surprise.

Thomas Ciesielka

Hi Debbie,

I work with Andrea Nierenberg and saw your posting about what she did with Jet Blue. I'm running out to buy your book. Our PR agency has been working to learn more about blog PR. I read "Naked Conversations" and I'm sure your book will add to the "conversation."

Best regards,

Tom C.

Yvonne DiVita

Deb, what a great idea! You're right on the ball and that's one of the reasons JetBlue should be calling you in to work with them. I recommended your book to the participants at WME Blogs' blogging seminar here in Rochester, yesterday. Let's hope they all buy it and read it. There's nothing better out there.


Technically I think she did say "thank you."

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