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Easton Ellsworth

My thoughts exactly, Debbie! At least a quick post every week or two to say "Hi, real busy right now, but I hope you're having a good time, maybe tell us how your last flight was", etc. So sad to see the buzz potential wasted.

Jim Johnson

We agreed... we even suggested that they needed to use social media tools earlier on during the crisis...

Here is our post on the topic:


Interesting blog entry! That is the first I have heard about David Neeleman's blog. I do appreciate their use of "new media" with the YouTube apology. I actually had a really interesting experience with JetBlue this week as well. I wrote a blog titled "Why I Still Like JetBlue"

Check it out at:

John Cass

I thought the company had done a pretty good job of responding the public criticism on TV, the customer bill of rights etc. However, Debbie I think JetBlue does need to rethink its blogging strategy as you suggest. Maybe the CEO is not the right person to blog at the moment, perhaps a rethink and something a little more like Southwest's blog would be in order.

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