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Studio Stefke

Say you're the ceo of a company and you think blogging is a good idea but you aren't such a good writer neither are you familiar with the technology?

Is it wrong than to have a ghostwriter doing it?

I don't know. Anyway it happens more than you think I'm afraid.

Not at Studio Stefke to be clear :-) I've a one person company, so that's easy, there isn't anybody to ghost write for me :-(

Mark Goodyear

You're right, Debbie. Ghostblogging is a fundamental betrayal of what a social blog should do.

On the other hand, not all blogs function that way. One blog I run is more of a collection of materials. Every post is excerpted from talks given by the organization's president.

Most importantly, we don't hide that fact. (Though we don't mention that I am the one compiling and editing the material.)

Is it successful social media? Not really. But it accomplishes the president's goal of making his ideas available through multiple venues.

(Love your podcast by the way.)


Debbie, I never knew about ghostblogging! It does have a certain wrongness about it (unless it's clearly stated).

Now I'm gonna wonder if my blogger friends really are themselves..."Hey, Mark..."

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