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Mario Sundar

Thanks, Debbie.

I appreciate it a lot. To respond to your comments --
the RSS sign was designed to blend into the look and feel of the blog.

Labeling the Flickr photos is something we're working on.

We're also working out some issues with the RSS feed. Thanks for bringing that up as well.

Chris Thompson

Debbie, great post. I especially like that Extensis blog, I'd never seen it before. The IP addresses point to it being the variety hosted on their own server. That's what I went with and I was amazed how easy it was to install on our server and get it up and running.

Jim Kidwell

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for the nod to our blog. We're using WordPress on our own servers. It was fairly easy for our IT guys to deploy on a Linux server solution. Though, even without the IT guys available, I was able to get a test site up and running on my own personal machine. We then migrated what was on our test site over to the live site via the backup utility included with WordPress. It was a good way for us to bank up a few posts, and add a bit of helpful historical information before we went live. Your blog actually helped us quite a bit when deciding how our corporate blog should work. Thanks again!


Debbie Weil


Great to hear from you and thanks for the additional info.


Hi Debbie. Iam webdesigner and your infos is for me very interesting for my new design job. Rgds Richard

Des Walsh

Good to see LinkedIn finally having a blog and also to have your critique. I'm not clear on the comment about Flickr and labelling: you mean the individual pics should each have a label explaining what/who they are, I assume.


Very nice blog. Thanks.

Freshleaf Media

As a newly rebranded business we're trying to get our corporate blog off the ground without a known brand to rely on, so the tips should come in handy, thanks.

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