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David Binkowski

Hi Debbie,
Kudos on getting GSK into blogging, especially about a drug (OTC is different than prescriptin, but nonetheless) -- a pharma company is blogging (two if you count J&J). I have a few guesses as to why people may not be commenting. My disclaimer is that since I'm not on the inside of GSK and didn't research whether this would be feasible or not, I can only speculate based on my consulting, pharmaceutical and health care knowledge:

1. People aren't interested in talking about alli, or at least their experience with the drug publicly. Sure, it might be ok for bloggers and the media to comment on the fact that a pharma is blogging, but there some issues, like anal leakage, that people just don't want to discuss publicly or let people know they're dealing with.

2. The comments coming in aren't in line with the commenting policy.

3. Most of the traffic to the blog is industry people telling each other about GSK's leap into blogging.

4. Post topics aren't on point with what users would comment on.

5. It's also possible that the drug hasn't been on the market long enough (Feb '07?) and the blog's awareness and the target haven't connected yet.

Just my 2 cents.


Kevin Dugan

Debbie - Saw the USA Today story and it looks like Alli is getting a lot of attention.

Regarding the kerfuffle with the emails you sent. I do not take issue with the concept.

"If you're inspired or provoked, leave a comment on any entry. No need
to say that you know me, of course."

It's that second sentence that makes me wonder about the rest of the note.


Debbie Weil

Yup, it was an offhand remark and would have been better omitted. Read my follow-up to this post here:

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