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Syamant Sandhir

Hi Debbie, This is an interesting debate.

I've read Mr Neilsen in this posting and his book on usability and I've read your book and your blog. To me, both are experts whose thoughts on, topics of interest I've explored.

I'm tending to agree with your thought on mixing up posts. My reasons for this are

1. For a service organisation like ours, the services that one offers are finite.

2. One can address aspects of one's business in longer posts/articles etc. These could come with considerable inputs and expertise. No doubt the value of this would be immense to an interested person. The time taken to write such a topic would be considerable as well and there will be fewer articles in a given time period.
I am working on such a topic called Why is the Ceo not satisfied.

3. The key point I want to highlight is that a blog allows one to highlight nuances or insights that one gets during the course of one's work. Today's environment is a rapidly changing and growing environment, building on these nuances may help us or our clients or any person who may apply it as their Eureka insight . This person may not be interested in the service of the company at this moment in time. Who knows this person may refer it to someone else or come back at another time.

4. Such nuggest or nuances can be many and lead to more rapid posting on a blog.

5. Sharing of knowledge is good and I've learnt extensively from a lot of blogs and experts over a period of time.

What do you think ?

Eric Eggertson

Since almost everything Neilsen writes is uber linkbait, it's interesting that he turns his nose up at blog-like behaviour. He turns being a contrarian into an artform.

However, when you're a serial contrarian, sometimes you're going to argue against a practice that works just fine.

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