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Jeremiah Owyang

Wow, a year already? Time flies fast

Congrats on all your success!

Hans De Keulenaer

Corporate blogging also has a very slow start here in Europe. In addition to technical and cultural barriers, blogging also seems to suffer from a bad reputation.

It strikes me that the 5 sample blogs you mention in the post are all about corporations targeting consumers. Do you know of (m)any corporations using blogging as part of the b2b marketing communications mix?


Hi Debbie,
I'm not going to tell you what my idea for that chapter should be because that's what my own book is going to be about. ;-)

tom hoehn

Tom from Kodak here...Thanks for adding the Kodak 1,000 Words blog to your list of examples of companies who do it right. We are proud of what we have made thus far and are forging ahead! We also have a technology blog called 1,000 Nerds ;-) that is getting accolades from its visitors. Our CEO posted there last month so be sure to check that out as you research that potential theme.

Ed Terpening (VP Social Media, Wells Fargo)

Congratulations, Debbie on your book's one year anniversary! We celebrated the first year of our first blog, Guided by History, in March, and have a couple of new one year anniversaries coming up :-)

Jeremiah, re B2B blogs, check out our CEO blog,

Staci Schiller (Wells Fargo)

Hi Debbie--When you published your book last year, our Student LoanDown blog was yet to get off the ground. Here we are a year later (congrats on the anniversary, BTW) and you're including it in your list of "useful, entertaining and occasionally revealing" corporate blogs? Wow. Thanks for acknowledging our work here at Wells Fargo and for inspiring us to keep it up.

Anita Bruzzese

I came across your blog because of the "W" list, and have enjoyed your postings and information about your book. Check out my blog at, the listing called "A Recovering Amazoniac."
Anita Bruzzese

Juli Schatz

So, Debbie, why didn't you list your blog as an effective corporate blog?! I think it's interesting and many others will, too, but more importantly, you shouldn't be afraid of looking self-serving by tooting your own horn -- people (potential customers) will have more confidence in you, and admire you,for doing so!

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