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Michael J. Fitzgerald, CPA/PFS, CFP, MST

I really enjoy your work, I am glad someone likes to talk about this type of media.

Best of Luck,


Michael J. Fitzgerald, CPA/PFS, CFP, MST

100% Retirement Income Replacement Specialist

Mark L Johnson, Freelance Writer

Your old thesis sounds interesting. I'd read it. Will you scan/OCR it and post?

Debbie Weil


I'm flabbergasted -- wow, you've made my day. Well I'm not sure my thesis is that good though I did get a "magna" on it. Hmmm... do I have the bandwidth to scan it? I think probably not... but you're very kind to ask.



A while back my parents gave me some of the assorted memorabilia they'd saved from my childhood. Much like you, they assumed it was better in my hands than theirs.

I did indeed enjoy the "rainy afternoon" of looking through it. As I looked through everything, though, there was something very melancholy about the fact that they'd given it to me in the first place.

I think it was while I looked through some old school pictures that I realized that we are more than the sum of our own memories. We are also the sum of other people's memories of us. Being suddenly confronted with the fact that those other people's memories have a shelf life is perhaps the most stark recognition of the truth of mortality for a child (and, of course, we are all children).

And then I saw an old report card that made me laugh, and I was glad that I now had it in my possession, to file away, for what future use if any I have no idea.

Thanks for your post and the opportunity to remember a moment I had almost forgotten. Happy new year.


Great stuff - may be even a great idea that could be commercialized--there must be several hundred people a day doing more or less what you are doing - a place to go to get ideas, comfort, inspiration etc would be attractive to a lot of people AND advertisers would love to get their oar in - storage, copying, passing along, new ways to file/store things?? just an idea Dad

Debbie Weil

Hey Dad, thanks! Wow... the first ever comment on my blog from my dad. Let me point out that he's 76, young at heart and very cool. Also a good writer... and should have his own blog. Great idea re

Debbie Weil


Don't misunderstand... my memories of everything about my children has no shelf life. The memories are indelible. And of course I'm not really letting them (the kids or the memories) go. It's hard to cut the umbilical cord, even when your children are adults. Like every other baby boomer, I'm way too attached to my kids. I suspect that they like it, however, when I say I'm letting go. :)


Hello Deb--

Do all of us writer types do this end-of-year clean out thing?

One tip from a fellow former reporter and paper-saver: Scan those old articles, making a JPEG file of them that you can then neatly, digitally file. Toss the paper and you've gained lineal feet in your office. It's a bit time consuming--the scanning part--but I think well worth it, for those things you really might want to refer to in the future.

Scanning those old t-shirts though? I guess that wouldn't work would it?

Warren Whitlock

Imagine the dig we'd have to do if we had to sort through all the digital suff we have!

The future will have this all more expendable so that each item we do keep will be more precious.

People ask ma about books.. "Will they go away?"

I point to Star Trek.. where there are very few piece of stuff... When Captain Kirk goes to his quarters to relax, he pulls out two prize possesions.. his reading glasses and a copy of "Moby Dick"

I think those are the only two items on the ship that aren't from the replicator.

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