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Justin Thorp

Twitter is probably one of the bigger drivers of traffic to my blog. I love it.

There are also a few feed-based twitter accounts that I really enjoy. One is @techmeme and the other is @cnnbrk. It's great for getting news.

Des Walsh

May I suggest tweaking that advice to cover "best" blog posts? One thing I find quite boring is when people tweet *every one* of their posts. That's what RSS is for - or email subscription if you prefer. Not, imho, Twitter.


Agreed! RSS is designed to notify people about blog posts. Twitter shouldn't be annoying...


isn't twittering about your blog posts considered spam ?

Ben Martin, CAE

Late to the party, but with a strong opinion: I will have to concur with the last three commenters. RSS is for alerting readers of new content, not twitter. If I follow you on twitter, I'm already following your blog. Distributing to both places duplicates the alert unnecessarily and is an annoyance. If you already have my attention, don't abuse it.

Sean Burke

Great conversation here. I've refrained from Twittering because it takes time away from my work and my developing valuable content for my blog. Outsourcing this stuff is also not an option in my world. Are any of you full time bloggers - maybe that is the way this can happen.

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