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Absolutely! A corporate blog, in my mind, always equates to the "home base" for an organization's activity in social media.

Blogging (and monitoring) are two elements of corporate social media that don't make headlines--they make an impact.

Many folks chase after the "next big thing" looking for a magic bullet. Until you've learned the basics of communicating in a human voice online, anything else you do in social media is sort of irrelevant. JMO.

Paull Young

Very good point Debbie. I comment from the Internet Retailer conference in Chicago where my client Graco Baby just presented a session on their blog and overall social media strategy (which hinges, most importantly, on listening).

I've spoken with a lot of big brands here, and they see Graco as a very 'out there' case study.

Blogs are a great tool, and still under used by big business.

If you'd like to check out the Graco blog head to or just Google 'Graco Blog' to get the full story!



I very much like the "impact over headlines" take. Right on.

To that point, there is still a strange amount of confusion over the presence and potential of blogs in the corporate world. There seems to be a disconnect between the intent behind marketing to industry/media bloggers and the intent behind keeping a corporate blog (and eventually expanding to other social tools). To sum it up in simple terms, just the other day a senior level public relations colleague asked me, "Aren't corporate blogs dead?"

Debbie Weil

Thanks to Graeme Thickins who "re-tweeted" this post on Twitter. I immediately got 3 comments. So yes... social media creates ripples and results. Follow Graeme at

john Cass

You did a great job of explaining the benefits of blogging in your book, but the noise about other social media appears to be swamping the value of blogs.

Maybe the question should be today, why are blogs still important for companies?

Also, thanks for mentioning the wiki.

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